My Grandlore Experience

"Thank you for helping my mother write her history. My daughters will be so grateful when they are older. Now that mom has passed these stories are a true treasure." M.W.

"With my grandsons living 3,000 miles away, the Grandlore course gives me a chance to tell them all my struggles and triumphs and offer them hope for their futures." K.J.

"As a cancer survivor I am reminded of how quickly one's time can come to an end. I began this journey of writing with Grandlore to make sure my unborn grandchildren know who I was and that a grandmothers love goes on for infinity to all future generations." M.H.

"As a single parent I needed a way to document not only my history but also my wife's so that our son will grow up with a sense of knowing his mom. Thank you for creating this wonderful Grandlore course." C.P.

"I had a hard childhood. I want my grandchildren to see how I overcame an alcoholic father and the death of my mother. I hope sharing my stories inspires them to make wise choices in their lives and not put up with bad situations. Thanks for helping me with this project." C.M.