Why should I take Grandlore's course?

You are an important part of your family's history. Writing your stories ensures that you control how you are remembered. Grandlore will guide you step by step each week to document your legacy. You will have a complete memoir that passes on your experiences and wisdom to future generations. 
Where does the name Grandlore come from?
Grand means great, like grandparents means great parents. Lore means oral history passed down through generations. So Grandlore is your written family history, values and traditions passed down to your grandchildren and beyond.

What will we do in each class?

Each two-hour class has an introduction to the topic, a brief oral interactive activity, you'll write for at least one hour and then it's optional to share for constructive feedback.

When are the courses offered?

Classes are started multiple times a year. Classes are limited to less than 12 people. Each time there is a new group of registrations, another class is booked. Class size is kept small because of the important interactive element of the course.

Where are the courses offered?

The courses are held at various locations in the Denver Metro area as well as private bookings at various facilities for groups.
One on one personal coaching is also available.

What if I miss a class?

Call me and you will do the oral exercise by phone and get the assignment for that week. You can share your story in the next class.
What if I have trouble figuring out what to write?
Anyone struggling will work with me one on one during class to get the words flowing.
What if I can't finish writing that topic in class?
You can continue to work on it at home and share it the next week.
What if I don’t want to share my stories?
Sharing is optional. The course is designed to write your story. Sharing is only if you want constructive feedback to help you understand if your message is clear.

Will we get to add photos?

Yes but not until later in the second course. First you need to write so you know what images will best enhance your stories.

When and how do I pay?

Payment is required upon registration. You can pay with a check or credit card.
This course should alternately make you explore topics that make you smile, laugh and shed a tear. Life is full of surprising moments and you will share what happened in your life, how you handled those situations and what you have learned. These are the moments that will make your grandchildren and beyond admire you.


Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final.