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1968 to present

By C. J.

     I had a whole separate group of friends each summer. I belonged to the Sandy Swim Club. It was there, through my friend R., that I met Jody. She was his girlfriend.

     It was a group of about a dozen teenagers. They all went to Sunrise High School but I went to Crestmont High School. We spent each summer laughing, swimming, and just hanging out together. It was a happy and carefree time.

     When I went to college at Penn State University Park, Jody was in the same dorm. She was the only person I knew in my dorm. She was someone I could talk to and confide in. We shared our difficulties. She had trouble with her parents also, so our support for one another was very important. We started talking about next semester. I was hoping we could be roommates. However, before the end of the semester, she found out she was pregnant. She decided to marry R. and not return to college. I did not want to go back to State College alone, so I transferred to the local Penn State Campus.

     Jody and I kept in continual touch through the years. Whenever we get together it’s like no time has passed. When I got married, I invited Jody and R. over to meet him. My husband immediately did not like either of them. Jody could not see what I saw in him, but she gave him the benefit of the doubt and did not tell me her feelings until my marriage ended. Jody and I kept our friendship going with phone calls and lunches together over the years. She’s the only friend that my children know of but never got to know because our meetings were always just the two of us.

     We supported each other through raising our kids, our moves, our divorces, and all our job, health, as well as life, ups, and downs. She’s my “oldest friend”, not in age but in time known. To date, we have known each other for fifty-two and a half years and counting.

     Jody is the most insightful person I have ever known. She has a tremendous talent for seeing situations clearly. In times of trouble, there is no one better to talk with. I treasure her supportive friendship. I like that she is honest and gives me her real opinion. She’s not a “Yes, Yes” friend. Her encouragement when I start new chapters in my life is greatly appreciated.

     From Jody, I have learned that although most friendships are temporary, some can last a long, long time and feel just as fresh as in the beginning.




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