Everyone has stories to share

Grandlore will cover stories of your family, friends, education, jobs, activities, achievements, values and so much more. In addition to your life experiences, you will share your feelings and advice for future generations.

Your written legacy will be built one story at a time, week by week in two courses. Writing will take place during class. 

Part One is the beginner course. Part Two is the advanced course.

Both courses are necessary to have a complete project. Sharing your stories for feedback is optional.

In the end, your heirs will know you how you lived, what you did, what mattered most to you and that you cared about them.

Classes are offered on various days & times

Group Lessons Cost $20 per person per class

Senior Residence Facility Special Four Hour Interview Offer

Private Coaching Cost $30 per Class

Pandemic Special: Private Coaching is Now Available via Zoom at the Regular Group Class Price

Class size is limited

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Karen Harlin, Story Gatherer


BA Professional Communications

What will you do in the Grandlore courses...