Everyone has stories to share

My Passion

I have a passion for story telling. Three experiences have driven my interest to record personal histories. First, I was deaf or hard of hearing my first 13 years and that gave me the gift of cherishing the ability to communicate. Second, I grew up in a family that did not talk or share much information about past generations. Third, I became a Grandmother to grandsons that live far away. I wanted a way to share my stories beyond the distance of miles and time because they are too young to immediately understand or need that knowledge yet.

One day your great-great-great grandchild will want to know about you

If you don’t write down your stories, all your history is completely lost in three generations.

What to Expect?

I promise to treat you and your history with respect, honesty, sincerity and confidentiality.  I know whole heartedly that you will find this endeavor well worth your time and energy. You will be documenting your personal legacy worthy of passing down through the ages.

Karen Harlin, Story Gatherer


BA Professional Communications