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Grandlore's Logo
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A Guided Memoir Program

       Grandlore is devoted to teaching people how to write their life experiences, feelings, lessons learned, advice, and family history for future generations. The program provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their past and put it into writing. 

       Genealogy will tell future generations who, when, and where; however, only your stories can reveal what, how, and why.

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The Importance of

Writing Your Life Stories

Writing life stories
Grandlore memoir writing class

Photo by Willie Ripple

Preparing a list to write my memoir.
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  • The course is confidential, respectful, encouraging, and comprehensive.

  • It is presented with honesty, integrity, and sincerity. 

  • With Grandlore's Guidance, you'll create a gift of personal and family history for your family, worthy of passing down through the ages.

  • Ultimately, your heirs will know how you lived, what you did, what mattered most to you, and that you cared about them.

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You will write stories about your family, friends, education, jobs, activities, achievements, values, and so much more. In addition to your life experiences, you will share your feelings and advice for future generations.
Your written legacy will be built one story at a time.
Writing begins during class, and you will write more each week at home. 
There are three ten-week courses with different focuses. Each two-hour class covers a different subject. 
Sharing your stories for feedback is optional.
Upon completion, you will have a ready-to-print book of family history.
Ultimately, your heirs will know how you lived, what you did, what mattered most to you and that you cared about them.

What will you do in the Grandlore Memoir Program?

The Grandlore Program is three courses

Each course is ten weeks, in the end you will have written a book for your family.

Three generations of family, great-grandmother, grandmother and grand-daughter.

Part One

The first course covers topics about you and your family.

Write stories about friends.

Part Two

The second course is about your friends, your education, and more.

Tell stories about my travels and experiences.

Part Three

The final course delves into your experiences and advice.

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About the Creator of Grandlore

       I have a passion for storytelling and gathering tales. Three experiences have driven my interest in documenting personal histories.


       First, I was deaf or hard of hearing for my first 13 years, and that gave me the gift of cherishing the ability to communicate.


       Second, I grew up in a family that did not talk or share information about past generations.


       Third, I became a Grandmother to grandsons who lived far away. I wanted a way to share my stories beyond the distance of miles and time because, initially, they are too young to understand or need that knowledge yet.

Write stories for grandchildren.
Karen Harlin, founder of Grandlore, a series of memoir writing courses..

Karen Harlin
Founder, Story Gatherer, and Author

       I have a BS in Professional Communications. I have designed multiple education courses.


       I began writing my life experiences two months after my first grandchild was born.  

Currently, I give motivational speeches on “The Importance of Writing Your Life Stories,” and I teach classes on “Writing Your Life Stories for Your Grandchildren, Great-grandchildren and Beyond.” 

       Preserving personal history is my passion.

Q & A

Why should I take Grandlore's course?

You are an essential part of your family's history. Writing your stories ensures that you control how you are remembered. Grandlore will guide you step by step each week to document your legacy. You will have a complete memoir that passes on your experiences and wisdom to future generations. 

Where does the name Grandlore come from?

Grand means great like grandparents means great parents. Lore means oral history passed down through generations. Grandlore is your written family history, values, and traditions passed down to your grandchildren and beyond.


 What will we do in each class?

Each two-hour class has an introduction to the topic and a brief oral interactive activity, then you'll write for at least one hour, and it's optional to share for constructive feedback.

When are the courses offered?


Classes are started multiple times a year. Classes are limited to less than 12 people. Each time there is a new group of registrations, another class is booked. Class size is kept small because of the important interactive element of the course.

 Where are the courses offered?


The courses are held in person at various locations in the Denver Metro area. The program is also offered via Zoom, FaceTime, phone, and email.


What if I can't type or write?

A one-on-one, private interview-style program is available to those who can no longer type or write.

What if I miss a class?

Contact me, and you will get the lesson by phone, zoom, Facetime, or email for that week. You can share your story in the next class.       

What if I have trouble figuring out what to write?

Anyone struggling will work with me one-on-one during class to get the words flowing.

What if I can't finish writing that topic in class?

You can continue to work on it at home and share your additional stories the next week.

What if I don’t want to share my stories?

Sharing is optional. Sharing is only if you want constructive feedback to help you understand if your message is clear.

Will we get to add photos?

Yes, but not until the end. First, you need to write so you know what images will best enhance your stories.

When and how do I pay?

Payment is required upon registration. You can pay with a check, Zelle, or Venmo.

What does the program cost?

Group lessons cost $20 per person per class. 

One-on-one Interview style lessons Cost $30 per class.

Private Lessons are available via Zoom or in person.

Payment must be made before the start of each 10-week course.



Available for Senior Residence Facilities:

Weekly two-hour classes and half or full-day one-on-one interview-style sessions.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

       This program will alternately help you explore topics that make you smile, laugh, and shed a tear. Life is full of surprising moments. You will share what happened in your life, how you handled those situations, and what you have learned. These are the moments that will make your grandchildren and the next generations admire you.

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Thank you for helping my mother write her history. My daughters will be so grateful when they are older. Now that mom has passed these stories are a true treasure. by MW

As a cancer survivor I am reminded of how quickly one's time can come to an end. I began this journey of writing with Grandlore to make sure my unborn grandchildren know who I was and that a grandmother’s love goes on for infinity to all future generations. by MH

I had a hard childhood. I want my grandchildren to see how I overcame an alcoholic father and the death of my mother. I hope sharing my stories inspires them to make wise choices in their lives and not put up with bad situations. Thanks for patiently helping me with this project.” 

by C.M.

       As a single parent I needed a way to document not only my history but also my wife's so that our son will grow up with a sense of knowing his mom. Thank you for creating this wonderful Grandlore course. by CP

       I was a wild teenager. I made every mistake in the book. I wrote this to show my granddaughters what consequences are and that a person can turn their life around. Thanks for your guidance. 

By P.L.

Class Gallery

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Featured Story

The Butler 

by MJ

       Jeb and Roy usually played well together, but occasionally they would have a big fight. Jeb, being a year and a half older than Roy, usually had the upper hand in those outbursts.

       One morning when they were fighting, I called a friend who had two children the same age. I told her, “Jeb and Roy are not getting along today. You can have either one of them, I don’t care which one and I’ll take either of your children”. She paused for a moment and then said…"I’ll take”, but at that moment there was a blood-curdling scream. “Never mind", I said, "I am on my way to the hospital”.

       Jeb had leaped and landed on Roy’s neck. I had to rush him to the hospital and Roy had to wear a cervical collar until it healed. Jeb’s punishment was he had to be Roy’s butler until the cervical collar was no longer needed. At first, Roy enjoyed making Jeb do things for him. He made him run upstairs and get toys, or go to the kitchen for drinks and snacks but after three days Roy felt guilty. Roy didn’t want to bother Jeb who was being rather unpleasant in his butler role.



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